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Fig Tree Espresso
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About The Coffee Shop

Fig Tree Espresso is a Welsh cafe run out of a 19th century Georgian town-house right in the heart of the historic market town of Abergavenny and located at 15 Nevill Street, NP7 5AA in Wales. An independent coffee shop run and owned by a young couple, Jessica who acts as barista and handles all things coffee related alongside her partner Chris who handles the cooking, kitchen and baking duties.

Fig Tree Espresso's mission is to combine the best in local coffee with what our customers often state is possibly one of the most varied and tasty cake selections in Wales. We use only the best locally roasted coffee beans to make our caffeine infused drinks and in terms of food everything is baked fresh and in house inside of the cafe bakery.

From cakes to savouries all things produced here are baked with love, care and inventiveness. We always aim to bring new and exciting flavour combinations from within our little bakery for the people of Abergavenny to explore each and every day.

Coffee & Tea

Our speciality seasonal coffee is freshly roasted and packed each week less than 30 minutes away from Abergavenny in Ross-On-Wye by the highly regarded James Gourmet Coffee company.

The espresso blend of choice that we use is James Gourmet's 'Formula 6' and it is used in all our espresso based drinks from cortados & macchiatos to flat whites, americanos, mochas, lattes and cappuccinos. The variety of Arabica beans that go into the roast changes with the season and they provide a rich chocolate & nut flavour profile to the brew that we serve.

We also provide a wide range of over 10 loose leaf teas to choose from, all sourced from the fabulous Tea House Emporium in Bath.

The Cakes

Ever find yourself becoming bored with other coffee shops offering the same cake selection day in, day out? We sure did!

At Fig Tree Espresso we set out on a mission to provide the customers with excitement each and every time they step inside by changing our cakes on a daily basis and playing with unusual ingredients and flavours.

With our variety of cakes and bakes totalling over 500 so far we feel that we have achieved that mission, not that that means we'll ever stop inventing, baking and creating!

Due to corona virus we are currently running a limited menu so there may be a little less variety than normal.

Check out the cafe Twitter or Facebook to catch a glimpse of some of them!

The Garden

As featured in GQ Magazine's 'Top Ten Ways to Eat Alfresco This Summer', our secluded scenic rear garden is the perfect place to sit back, relax and soak in your surroundings in this hidden away space.

This little Welsh cottage garden is a real hidden gem; customers sitting in the garden often exclaim that it is hard to imagine they are in a cafe in the town centre of Abergavenny as they are surrounded by trees, birds and the scent of flowers. Wooden tables are hidden amongst beds bursting with flowers and the large Fig Tree that the coffee shop is named after watches over all that takes place here.

Lunch Time

Due to corona virus we are currently not serving lunch and running a limited menu. We hope to resume normal service some time in the future!

Independent Cafe

This little Abergavenny based cafe has been a truly independent affair from the very start, with no outside funding at all and using only the small amount of money we had managed to save up from our previous jobs based in Abergavenny to get the cafe up and off the ground.

The coffee shop's counter and seating were all built by Jessica's father Patrick, finally getting the chance to put all of his self taught carpentry skills on display for the cafe customers to admire.

If you want to thank someone for creating our beautiful Welsh cottage garden, it was all planted by Jessica's mother Joanna who is wildly passionate about gardening and now continues to maintain it and keep it blooming with life solely with her own fair hands.

Not Just Coffee

Due to corona virus we are currently running a limited menu. We hope to resume normal service some time in the future!

Every drink that we make here at the cafe can be alternatively made with either oat milk or soy milk for a tasty vegan and dairy free treat. Decaf coffee is also available to those who might want to enjoy the flavours in the cup of coffee but not so much the caffeine buzz that can come with it.

Cafe Gallery

A little taste of what you can expect from us, enjoy the show!

Bag of formula 6 seasonal coffee beans
Formula 6 seasonal espresso blend
Fresh coffee shots being extracted from the espresso machine
Freshly extracted espresso shots
Latte art being poured into the coffee cup
Latte art pour in progress
The best coffee in Abergavenny sitting beside a freshly baked pastry
The finished cappuccino & freshly baked pastries
Chairs at Fig Tree Espresso sitting in our large Abergavenny cafe garden
The coffee garden view from the sofa area
The best coffee garden in Abergavenny on display in full bloom
At one with nature in the coffee garden
A table and chair hidden amongst the bushes of the finest garden in Abergavenny
Welcome to the Fig Tree Espresso garden
The steps leading up the cafe garden pathway
Up the cafe garden steps
Fresh from the bakery tart sitting next to a seasonal salad
Freshly baked tart & seasonal salad
Toastie with mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto inside of it
Mozzarella, tomato & pesto toastie
Brownies from the bakery covered in mini eggs
Mini egg brownies
Tart with pistachios and raspberries covering it
Pistachio, raspberry & puff pastry tart
Two layer cake with Pecans, Caramel and Chocolate inside of it
Chocolate, caramel & pecan layer cake
A freshly baked slice made from caramel and filled with fresh raspberries
Raspberry & caramel biscuit slice
A small cake tower made with turmeric and filled with cream cheese icing
Turmeric & cream cheese icing towers
An oreo cookie base topped with caramel and chocolate mocha ganache
Oreo cookie & caramel mocha bars
A double layer cake made with pistachios and with raspberries on top
Pistachio & raspberry double layer cake
Banana bread loaf ready to be toasted and served with pecan butter
Toasted banana bread loaf & pecan butter
A strawberry, mint and white chocolate bake
Mint, strawberry & white chocolate bake
A cold drink made with ice, coffee, chocolate and milk
Iced latte chocolate cooler
Our loyalty card that gives you discounts every six drinks that you come to the cafe
Loyalty reward for cafe customers
The front of the best Abergavenny coffee shop in town on a nice sunny day
The coffeehouse out front
Our advertising board outside the front our Abergavenny coffee shop
Welcome to Fig Tree Espresso, Abergavenny

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Find The Cafe

To help you on your way towards your next caffeine fix, we have provided a little map pointing towards our little speciality coffee shop in Abergavenny. Best of luck finding us and we hope to see you soon!

Fig Tree Espresso is located at 15 Nevill Street, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 5AA, Wales

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